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Terms and Conditions Welcome to Leaksfapello

Effective as of 6 Jan 2024

This platform, encompassing all its subdomains and directories collectively referred to as THE WEB, Leaksfapello, The Web, along with the services and content accessible through it, is subject to the terms outlined in these Usage Terms and Conditions. This holds true irrespective of the potential need for accepting additional General Conditions while accessing specific services or content.

If you do not agree with the provisions elucidated in the Usage Terms and Conditions, kindly abstain from utilizing THE WEB. Any use of THE WEB or its enclosed services and content will be construed as an acknowledgment of your adherence to the legal terms presented in this document.

To keep the information on THE WEB current, its contents may be adjusted, corrected, deleted, or appended at any juncture. Therefore, it is advisable to verify their validity and accuracy through official sources.

THE WEB provides access to other websites that may pique your interest. These links are intended solely to expedite your web search for relevant resources. However, these websites are not affiliated with The Company, and their contents are not reviewed. Consequently, The Company disclaims responsibility for them, their operational status, or any potential damages arising from their access or use.

The Company explicitly prohibits the implementation of “frames” or any other mechanisms by third parties that could alter THE WEB’s design, original setup, or contents.

Leaksfapello is a search service provider that leverages publicly accessible information available to anyone with internet access. The images of content creators displayed on THE WEB are not owned by Leaksfapello, except for instances where content creators have endorsed THE WEB and granted rights for image utilization.

These images are not stored on THE WEB’s servers; they are sourced from public platforms such as onlyfans.com, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. Leaksfapello assumes no liability for copyright breaches as it only provides HTML instructions to access publicly posted content.

Leaksfapello redirects users to the original images on various platforms, ensuring no copyrighted material is posted. THE WEB offers thumbnails that link to the primary source. All images are accessible via the respective platform’s URL, and downloading or distributing these images is prohibited.

Content on leaksfapello.com is unalterable and originates from official profiles. Deletion from the original platform results in removal from leaksfapello.com. We never preserve duplicates of copyrighted material.

Account owners displayed on leaksfapello.com can request removal by contacting onlyacquisition at proton.me, substantiating ownership and/or authorization for action.

THE WEB incorporates a web analytics service that temporarily installs cookies exclusively to generate statistical reports. Cookies are files established in users’ browsers to track their site activity. These cookies do not identify individuals but denote a combination of computer-browser-user. Their existence is time-limited, and personal data collection is not their purpose.

Disabling these cookies is possible without hampering navigation on THE WEB.

Complete or partial reproduction of THE WEB content without proper attribution or authorization is proscribed.

In compliance with Spain’s active LSSI (Law of Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce), applicable to the company’s origin and residence, any commercial identity on the web necessitates public accessibility of personal identity. Details are outlined below:

General Information:

Name: Leaksfapello.com

Mail: onlyacquisition at proton.me

Usage Terms and Conditions

The following definitions pertain to these Usage Terms and Conditions, Privacy Statement, and Disclaimer Notice, as well as any Agreements: “Customer,” “You,” and “Your” denote the user accessing this website and complying with the Company’s terms and conditions. “The Company,” “We,” “The Company,” and “Our” signify the entity referred to as our Company. “Party,” “Parties,” or “We” include both the Client and ourselves. All terminologies encompass offers, acceptance, and consideration of the payment necessary for facilitating services per the Client’s needs, abiding by current Spanish legislation. Singular, plural, capitalized, and interchangeable forms are treated similarly.

Revision of Terms of Service. While significant amendments to these Terms of Service will be announced, periodic review of the most recent version remains advisable. The Website owner reserves the prerogative to modify or revise these Terms of Service and policies without prior notice, mandating compliance with these revisions or modifications. These Terms of Service apply universally to all Website users, encompassing those who contribute content such as images, data, and other materials or services. The Website owner retains the right to modify any aspect of the Website at any time.

Content Liability

We disavow responsibility for any content featured on your website. You agree to defend and safeguard us against claims arising from your website. No link(s) should exist on any website if they might be perceived as defamatory, obscene, criminal, or infringing upon third-party rights.

Third-party trademarks that might surface on the website are owned by respective third-party entities.

Link Removal from Our Website

Should you identify an offensive link on our website, you can inform us at any time for its potential removal. While we may entertain requests to eliminate links, we are not obligated to comply or respond.

The accuracy of information on this website cannot be guaranteed, and the continuity, availability, or currency of content on the website is uncertain.

Exclusion of Liability

To the utmost extent permissible under applicable law, we disclaim any representations, warranties, or conditions concerning our website and its utilization.

OnlyFans is a registered trademark of Fenix International Limited. leaksfapello.com is unaffiliated, unsponsored, and not endorsed by Fenix International Limited or onlyfans.com.

leaksfapello.com refrains from storing OnlyFans images on its servers; all rights remain with their respective owners. Information exhibited on THE WEB in relation to OnlyFans profiles is public, absolving Leaksfapello of any accountability. Leaksfapello provides HTML directives redirecting users to publicly accessible images on onlyfans.com/username, eliminating the need for logins or security bypasses. This service is divergent from image replication.

In the scope of this disclaimer:

Limitations or exclusions of liability for death or personal injury are excluded.

Limitations or exclusions of liability for fraud or fraudulent representation are excluded.

Any form of limitation not sanctioned by applicable law is excluded.

Exclusions from responsibilities that are inapplicable under relevant law are excluded.

Utilizing THE WEB signifies acknowledgment that THE WEB’s owner bears no liability for the accuracy, utility, security, or intellectual property rights of User Files. User Files might be inaccurate, offensive, indecent, or objectionable.

The Website may feature links to third-party websites not owned or controlled by the Website owner, who disclaims responsibility for third-party content, privacy policies, or practices. The Website owner lacks censorship or editing authority over third-party content. Thus, your use of the Website entails a release of liability concerning third-party websites.

User Accountability

As a Site user, you commit not to:

Systematically extract data from the Site to compile databases without our consent. Engage in unauthorized Site use, including collecting usernames or email addresses for unsolicited communication. Bypass or disrupt security features on the Site. Initiate unauthorized frames or links to the Site. Mislead or deceive us or other users, especially in obtaining confidential account information. Misuse support services or submit false reports. Employ automated system use, scripts, robots, or similar tools. Interfere with the Site’s operation or connected networks and services. Impersonate another user or use another’s username. Sell or transfer your profile. Harass, abuse, or threaten individuals associated with us or other users. Use the Site to compete against us or for revenue generation. Attempt to decipher, decompile, or reverse engineer the Site’s software. Access restricted portions of the Site. Remove copyright or proprietary rights notices. Copy or modify the Site’s software. Upload viruses, Trojan horses, or disruptive material. Use or initiate automated system use. Engage in activities inconsistent with laws or regulations. Misrepresent qualifications, skills, or information. Promote products or services not provided by us. Falsify association with us or another unaffiliated entity.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

The obligations, rights, and conditions in this document adhere to Spanish law, with disputes subject to the jurisdiction of Madrid’s competent courts and tribunals.


No physical product or service is delivered. The Portal provides digital services. Once the payment processor’s pre-authorization is received, services are promptly delivered.


Users detecting errors in entered data for purchase requests on the Website can modify them by contacting CreatorLovers through provided contact methods. Alternatively, customer service contact details can be used, as specified in the first section (General Information).

For any further inquiries, please reach out to onlyacquisition at proton.me

I appreciate your understanding, and I’m here to assist with any additional requests or modifications.